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DTR600 and local business question

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I have a DTR600 and have been messing around with programing it. I have stumbled upon a channel set that a local company is using for security, what should i do with this info? should i ignore it or should i let them know they are not using the DTR's private function.

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I would leave them alone and enjoy what you hear.  They could be using DLRs instead of DTRs because they are compatible with the DTRs.  The local Costco Wholesale store near me uses DLR radios and I can hear them on my DTR650 and DTR700 radios when I'm in range. 

The local business you are hearing is 100% legit with their radios.  It's not your problem, so don't make it your problem.  No need to spoil their fun and your ability to listen to them.  They probably don't have a clue and are simply using the radios right out of the box at the factory default settings like FRS bubble packs.  That's how the local Costco store near me seems to operate.

The DLRs will transmit very badly distorted audio if someone shouts into them or talks too close to the mic.  You can tell when DLRs are being used by the badly distorted audio.  The DTR600/700 models have better transmit audio due to automatic gain control (AGC) in the Tx audio path.  The DLRs and legacy DTR410/550/650 models don't have AGC in the transmit audio.  The DTR600/700 models have the best Tx audio, the DLRs have the worst audio, and the legacy DTR410/550/650 models are somewhere in between.  I wish Motorola would update the firmware in the DLRs to add AGC to the transmit audio.

I have custom programming in my DTR fleet and have several private groups set up in them.  I mostly use the private groups.  I purposely keep the factory default programming in them as part of my custom programming to monitor for local activity in my travels and to be able to talk to defaulted DTRs and DLRs if needed.


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Have been using DTR series radios for many years now (Motorola DTR410's to start) and they work extremely well. However, as others mentioned, many use them right out of the box, with defaulted settings. I have a barge crew operating in a river nearby that uses the first channel default settings, and it is probably a good thing that their range and capabilities are limited. Otherwise, great radios and very "secure" comms if you set up your own private channel.

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