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Police Scanner connected to a DB404 Antenna


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I have a bearcat SDS 100 police scanner and tonight decided to connect to my base antenna for GMRS. To my surprise it works not only does it work I’m getting Waukesha county, Madison, Janesville and Milwaukee and fond du lac. Wow 100 miles of coverage guess I have no need to buy a  Diamond D3000N Super Discone Antenna.

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How cool!  Radio is awesome isn't it?  Never know what will work until we try it!  I have an old dipole that I made for CB in 2011 with 12 gauge wire and a vitamin bottle for a center connector.  I cut the wires to approximate length and stapled it to the outside of my shop and plugged my scanner in,  it works great!  I have not tried searching frequencies yet, but I will.

I plugged my GMRS into it as well and my SWR's are under 1.5 through all FRS and GMRS frequencies as well!!  

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My first GMRS antenna was a home-made quarter wave ground plane, my present antenna is a copper j-pole

I've had both antennas connected to my scanner & both work well on the civil (118-137 MHz) & military (225-380 MHz) air bands, plus the local rail freqs (160-161 MHz)

Considering that both antennas are tuned to 465 MHz, I've been happy with my air band reception

I'm going to connect an inexpensive discone to the scanner so I don't have to keep switching back & forth when I want to use GMRS

I'm also going to check the GMRS performance of the discone, just to satisfy my curiosity

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