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TK-8180 30 pin ribbon cable availability



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Thanks for the reply.

I have taken the faceplate off and compared the ribbon cable in the radio to the 2 listed on Pacparts website and neither matches the numbers/specs I have on my existing cable.

This is why I am not confident in ordering either.

I suppose I could just order both since they are only 6 bucks and change for each.

But it would be nice to just order the correct one and be done with it...

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18 hours ago, okinater said:

I believe one ribbon is for the KRK-10 and the other is for a front mount configuration. 

I have a TK-8180 and KRK-10.  The stock ribbon cable between the face and body was part number E37-1120-05 and has description of FLAT CABLE (30P/TX-RX).  You leave this ribbon in place and add a couple of folds when installing the KRK-10.  The kit includes a new ribbon for the face side of the kit.

Either way the description matches close the Pacparts part number 880H04-8897-72 which has description of Flex Cable (Display - Tx/Rx), that substitutes to 881H04-8116-92.  It also looks the same as the original ribbon, which has no folds originally.

The other ribbon shown in the service manual is E37-1110-05 and is called FLAT CABLE (30P/D-SUB).  That connects the 25-pin D-Sub on the back to the PCB in the body.  That description matches the other cable part number 880H04-8887-72 Flex Cable (Tx/Rx - D-Sub) that subs to 880H04-8115-72.

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