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  1. I will be changing my DB-404 antenna from Omni to Elliptical and according to the manual I am suppose to use Aluminum backed tape to resecure the antenna feed cable to the mast when done with the procedure. They mention using Scotch #425 as an example. I am having trouble sourcing the tape locally and was hoping to finish my project this weekend. Has anyone done this and used an alternative aluminum backed tape that specs out like Scotch 425 that I could find at a local Menards/Home Depot/Lowes/etc? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have taken the faceplate off and compared the ribbon cable in the radio to the 2 listed on Pacparts website and neither matches the numbers/specs I have on my existing cable. This is why I am not confident in ordering either. I suppose I could just order both since they are only 6 bucks and change for each. But it would be nice to just order the correct one and be done with it...
  3. I need the ribbon cable that connects the "faceplate" to the main body for a Kenwood TK8180 radio. I have searched online but am coming up with conflicting results. Anyone have a spare laying around?
  4. I have done desoldering and swapping out of surface mount components (Think 8 pin or more chips smaller than your little finger nail) so I am pretty sure I could get an N female on my 8180 base units. gman1971: By any chance did you do any before and after tests for noise/range/etc. comparison?
  5. I was recommended/suggested to try MPDigital. They have a direct store front (Usa Coax) I will link below. I have no complaints or concerns with the coax I have purchased from them. https://usacoax.com/
  6. That or I could try threatening her with being grounded. Oh wait... pretty sure my authority in that area disappeared 18 years ago.... Buttering it up it is.
  7. I am going to be moving soon and the potential residence will be the upper portion of a duplex my daughter/son-in-law are purchasing. Looking over the layout I was going to (initially) place my yagi/rotor setup in the attic which would put it about 27' above the ground level. I am guessing I can get away with a run of 25' at the most depending on position of the antenna in the attic and the radio placement in the living area.. I was even thinking of using the KRK-10 accessory to put my TK-8180 body within 10 feet (cable length wise) and then utilize the 23' cabling to place the head unit in my residence. So if I am talking a run that short (25 - 10 foot) for the coax would there be any measurable distance between the 400 or the heliax? On a side note: the previous home owner had a 40 foot tower (was probably for a tv antenna) on the side of the house and left the mounting base and the lateral support near the roof still attached. I am already working on obtaining another tower. The daughter isn't so keen on the idea but you never know. But that coax cable question will be another post.
  8. I completely agree with you from the standpoint of making the decision to purchase the MXT400 on the basis of being able to overcome it's (factory) limitations. There are better radios (TK-8180 just as an example) available on the used market that can be had for 1/2 the price (possibly less) of a MXT400. That being said, the information is well receieved for those who already have a MXT400 and find it not completely useable due to the lack of split tones that some repeaters use.
  9. Good news on the middle channels. I did all the other programing i wanted (split tone and used naming instead of channel number for the repeaters) but left the middle channels alone after hearing conflicting info regarding their ability to be programmed. Time to get out the programming cable and dive back in....
  10. FWIW shoot me a PM and I will send you my email so I can take a crack at this. Not sure how much help I will be but I have setup all (6 total) the ones used by my family. Once I get your "dat" file from you I will take a look at it and load it into my spare 8180 and see what I come up with. ALL of the Kenwoods have a group that contains a mix of repeater channels and simplex ones and the scan function works flawlessly in that group. I suppose the frequency could be off but if that is the case, why does the radio work/pickup the simplex channels when it is not in scan mode? Weird....
  11. They do make wonderful car wash covers for those of us who have done the permanent MNO mount on their cars. I have one in my car and whenever I am going through the car wash, off comes the Browning 450 and on goes the Larsen "Hockey Puck". While the performance of the puck is FAR below the Browning it GREATLY outperforms a MNO cap..... And no, I didn't buy it for that purpose. It came with a TK8180 radio I purchased.
  12. As a follow up to this: I went back and looked at my earlier notes from other posts and couldn't figure out where I was getting the "Not allowed to use the homes electrical ground" until I did a search online and came across the original post (From here coincidently) from 2013 which does say it's a not legal to tie into the ground for the electric service. After reading it again (This time with a full measure of coffee in me) I realized the reference ("power company grounding system") was to the Utility company's electric service. IE: the pedestals they maintain on the property and not the electric service for the house. As freaking foolish as I feel right now, I am also REALLY grateful for getting the correct information from tweiss3 and having Jones warn me off using the lightning rod grounds at my home. Finally, thank you berkinet for asking the question about whether there are any stations I can't reach with my existing setup. The way I was setup in the attic was having a 6db omni antenna for hitting the local repeaters and a yagi that was aimed directly at my brothers house 15 miles away since the onmi directional didn't have enough "oomf" to have clear communications and the repeaters were pretty scratchy and noisy when I used the Yagi since it was not aimed in their direction. I had 2 separate runs of LMR400 that went into a coax switch that allowed me to flip between the 2 antennas. This worked as long as I had the switch in the correct position depending on who I was trying to reach. After pondering all the stuff I was going to go through getting an outdoor setup to allow using just one antenna I played around with the Yagi in the attic (And man was it hot up there this weekend!!!) and after several trips up and down the ladder I found a compass position that was between what the heading would be for the repeater I frequently use and my brothers house. The end result is having useable communications with the repeater and my brother!!! Granted I do a have slightly higher background noise. But is is REALLY slight and from everyone I talked to they can tell a difference but it's nothing objectionable. Maybe I can sell off the extra LMR400 cable and the omni directional antenna and put the proceeds towards a rotator for the Yagi. For now I will enjoy not having to check which antenna the switch is on to make contact with whoever. And I will wait for the temps to cool down a little. Thanks again to everybody who responded to this post!!!
  13. Yes I see that now. UGH, all the information a person can run across (online and other places) can be very confusing. Some people say this, others say that. Ball canning jars and that sort of thing. Thanks again to everybody who provided information and insight. The attic antenna is looking better and better.....
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