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I have a Motorola SL7550e question.



I’m away at training this week, so I sadly have just my phone. No laptop. But I found a Motorola SL7550e for a theft of a price. And I can’t get a straight answer on if this radio is DMR only. I keep seeing conflicting information. But if this radio is analog capable, I may need to buy one or two. I carry my XPR7550e with me everywhere, but that tiny thing looks amazing.

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Yea, I fear it’s DMR only, which would be weird, because the cheaper 3550 is both. But here is so much conflicting information, I was wondering if anyone had one, and programmed it to hit the GMRS repeaters for a try. I might buy it and try. But I’ll be angry if I end up buying a DMR only radio.

See this here says analog.

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28 minutes ago, axorlov said:

I'm not Motorola expert, but after quick search it appears to be digital only. 4FSK modulation, 7K60F1D, 7K60FXD, 7K60F1E, 7K60FXE. Specs here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0069/8495/8052/files/SL7000e_DataSheet.pdf?v=1588697493


Found the same spec sheet on Motorola's site, seems to say digital only, if I'm reading it right.

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