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Channel 20 is the simplex version of channel 28 a/k/a Repeater Channel 6.

go to Channel 28 a/k/a Repeater channel 6 (462.675), and use menu item 30 to discover the Tone or do a manual search

And check this websites Repeater search  for your state and 462.675 and see if one of the listed repeaters is near you; to discover the tone

where are you?

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thanks,  I see that the repeaters use lower channels for output of transmission. Makes sense now MENU 30 to find tone .  Will that allow me to  transmit and check radio?? Located near Dickinson Tx so we have a few repeaters in the area.  my radio only had 22 GMRS  channelsz. I think the radio has allocation for channel numbers so checking to get to    channel 28. thanks so much I will try to find some tone for that repeater.    I will read the manual more and check on finding how to access repeaters.

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Adding a digital DCS Code should be Menu 11: Tx DCS; Click menu again and then use the up and down arrow keys to find your code, then click Menu again.

adding a CTCSS Tone should be the same but starting on Menu 12: Tx CTCSS;

Scanning for a DCS Tone while someone is transmitting on the Repeater is Menu 31: SEEK and then Menu again will start the scan until it discovers a DCS Tone, during which time the audio will be turned off and it will not come back on until it discovers the DCS Tone.

Let us know how it works out for you and have FUN!

ALSO, do this so I can tell how up to date is your firmware:


Turn off; hold down button below Push-to-Talk; turn on:

what is the number that appears briefly?



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