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Zello Gateway suggestion




First time posting but have had my gmrs license for awhile.

Looking for recommendations on a a Gateway for zello, Which is the best one to use or easiest setup.

Thinking of this one


My next question I would like to be able to communicate to the rest of my family members via radio but they are more than 50 miles away So If I wanted to talk to them via radio to radio would I need a gateway at both locations?





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There's a couple facets to this. If there is a repeater you can both reach, 50 miles isn't out of the question strictly with the radios, and depending on terrain, might even be possible simplex.

Alternately, if you want to use zello to bridge the gap, radio only really comes into play if you want to be freed from the gateway and use the radio..if you choose, you should be able to just connect to them strictly on zello, either on computer or in the app. The radio gateway is just a way to free one end. (or both) from working directly with the app, via radio(s)

Ill leave the gateway specific stuff to those that have worked with them, as my depth of zello knowledge is strictly end-user.

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