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MyGMRS Network Issues (9/30/2021)



Just a heads up, and this should only affect older or nodes running self configured software (such as Debian 9, or modified HamVoIP or ASL builds). It appears the issuing authority for the myGMRS TLS certificates (LetsEncrypt) is no longer playing nicely with certain older systems, so certain nodes are no longer pulling in the node list or posting statistics to the mygmrs network map.

If your node is no longer showing up on the mygmrs.network map or able to connect to other nodes otherwise on the network; the easiest workaround I know of is to not have it check for certificates, by modifying as follows:

rpt.conf: your statpost_program should be as follows: 


If you do not have this string, add it - the main change is the addition of --no-check-certificate, the other stuff is to keep you from spamming the mygmrs server in case there's network issues.

Node list: depending on your mechanisms for pulling in the nodes list (https://mygmrs.network/nodes)

  • If you're using usr/local/bin/rc.updatenodelist - you'll need to add "--no-check-certificate" to the calls to wget in that file. I don't use this mechanism, so if someone wants to take a stab at modifying that one and posting it here I'm sure it'd be appreciated.
  • If you're using wget in a cron job - add "--no-check-certificate" to the line you have for that


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