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I just wanted to put this out there. I have had at least one RT97 working here in Alaska for about a year and half now. It's outdoors and exposed to the weather on a 2000 foot ridge line. (think -30 degrees F lows during cold snaps and high winds in the 50-70mph range during wind storms). I am sure some of you have seen the posts.

I had one "break" on me. It still worked fine as far as RX and TX but one day I couldn't get it to communicate with a computer for updated programming anymore. I sent Retevis a message, they attempted to work through the issue with me for a few emails and then requested I send it back. Yes, their english was not exactly 'correct' but it was fluent enough for easy communication.

Yes I paid my own shipping to get it back to China, which cost me 70 bucks, but it got there. They had it for about a month and just sent me another one back. All in all they stood by their product. They don't just ghost you after purchase.


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