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Node 20201



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Just chiming in here in case anyone has a similar issue. It looks like the SimpleUSB configuration file needs to be set to only care about a valid CTCSS signal as a receive indication for the radio interface used here (RIM-Maxtrac). Pin 8 is set properly but SimpleUSB by default expects to see a valid COR signal AND valid CTCSS signal before it believes it's receiving a valid signal. So if only pin 8 is working, the node is waiting for the COR pin (not used in this case) to also change. The signal polarity also matters, since Pin 8 is set to active high, the simpleusb.conf file should be set to use "carrierfrom = no" and "ctcssfrom = usb" for active high logic.

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Hard to tell for sure, but it sounds promising - have you let Rich know what repeater 20201 corresponds to? Once that's in place you can see your connection on the map: https://mygmrs.network/map

When striking the connection, if it says 'Node XYZ connected to Node ABC" then you're good, if it says "connection failed" it obviously that's no good, and if it just beeps but doesn't say anything that means the registration data wasn't pulled in yet onto your node so it doesn't know what the node number means. So, if it says it connected as you mentioned, you're probably fine - it wont announce "Transceive," "Monitor," or "Repeat Only" unless you do a status check which is a different command.

Based on the nodelist: https://mygmrs.network/nodes

20201 shows up so it's maintaining registration with the myGMRS network, so that's good too.

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Working with Rich a bit...I am thinking my radio programming is part of the issue.

I currently have PIN 8 set but I think I need to have PIN 12 set as well. When I put both set on "High" for active the node gets audio from the radio but it's locked open. When I have it set on "Low" it kinda works. It doesn't hold audio and just "clicks" on and off.


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