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Baofeng uv 9g low signal on noaa and fm signals??



I just go a Baofeng uv 9g and doesn’t constantly receive fm or noaa. 
It won’t even receive the very local noaa or fm channel then I check it and they come in under one bar. On  My radioddity 30 it’s 4-5 bars strong.
are the Baofeng antennas that bad or do I have a defective Baofeng? 
I didn’t call Baofeng think they are closed on weekends. 

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If they use the same antenna connector, try swapping antennas between your two radios and see how they behave. That should indicate whether the problem is with the radio or with the antenna. If the problem follows the antenna, then it's the antenna. If the radio performs the same with either antenna, then it's most likely the radio.

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