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RTL-SDR install/setup


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Anyone with experience with the install and set-up for the RTL-SDR dongle that would be willing to help me out (no rush), it would be appreciated.

I just got it, watched some YouTube videos, but I'm lost (starting from the download to my Window 10-PC). You can send me a PM and I'll give you my phone#...TIA.

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6 minutes ago, tweiss3 said:

What are you attempting to do with the RTL-SDR? I have a handful of them that I use from time to time.

Want to scan, listen, monitor a large assorted bands and frequencies. However I can't seem to get past the download section. Following the website instructions and youtube tutorials I don't see the "install-rtlsdr.bat" file.

Gotta run out with the kiddo right now to do some errands...be back later. 73

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