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Guest WRNX484

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Guest WRNX484

Hello, I found this website via Youtube Channel "NotaRubicon Productions" and am looking for others in my area for some more advanced training on these modern Radio features. 

I have a small group of beings here whom want to have alternative communication needs for SHTF and other out of area uses. There are some areas around Vermont with no Cell Service as well as when Camping and Hiking. 

I picked GMRS VS Ham based Features and capabilities.

I have a Yaesu FT65R dual band as well as a Btech GMRS-50w mobile unit in my pickup and the rest of my team carries Midland GXT1000 Handhelds. 

We have communication between each other (less than 1 mile with the walkie talkies and a bit further with the mobile radio) but looking to advance our training and outreach. 



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I'm over in Caledonia county and I'm just a rookie with GMRS in general.

  Sadly, we don't have much in the way of repeaters, or even GMRS chatter here as the terrain isn't conductive to using these radios more than a relatively short distance. I can chat on a repeater in Monroe, NH about 14 miles away with my 20w mobile, though with a fair amount of noise. 

I don't know of any local training or GMRS groups, after searching. I've done my learning online with videos and forums. 




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Guest WRNX484

Thanks for the replies. It would be nice to have more activity. I did request permission for the use of a repeater close by that may help get me over the mountains to the east. I do find some activity on my Btech GMRS-50 mobile unit when Scanning, But it seems to be random and often sounds like business. I mostly have this for my small group of friends for emergency preparedness, in case of a loss of cellular and we do have contact in our short range. I like the idea of using it for Off Roading as well. 


I haven't used anything mobile since I had a CB in my Car back in the early 90s, and boy has the technology changed since then. 

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In hilly places like VT repeaters are necessary to get much range.  So HAM is going to get you much better service than GMRS unless you happen to be in an area with a GMRS repeater..... which is unlikely.  See repeaterbook.com for listings of HAM repeaters in your areas of interest.  

Also, with HAM you have other freq. choices that can be very helpful.  VT is very wooded and snow gets on the trees which tends to eat up higher frequencies.  So 2 meters or 144 MHz can be a better alternative. 

GMRS is great for reaching your fishing buddies or other nearby but longer ranges are very dependent on repeaters.  I have GMRS because my wife and fishing buddies can't use HAM radio.  So it has its place.  

I lived in NH for some of my HAM years and (30 years ago) repeaters were quite good.  I was often able to reach people with 5W and a mag mount.  There were "ham-fests" in VT and more hams than you'd think.  I expect that there are still some HAM clubs around VT.  This is the best way to get started. 

Today the issue can be finding a live person on the repeater.   But if something was "going on" I'm sure there would be lots of hams on there.  


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