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Midland GMRS Mobile


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Scary. Apparently no repeater offsets, which is probably for the best.


The innovation award still goes to Radio Shack for their "mobile" FRS unit from many years ago that I'm sure a lot of you will remember well. I don't see this being much better aside from the respectable (for this grade of radio) 5W output.


For the uninitiated, in order to get around the fixed antenna requirement of FRS on the Radio Shack FRS radio, they put the RF components in the base of the antenna, and the remote control is nothing more than a speaker mic with a display. No RF is carried over the cable. Pretty genius!



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That Radio Shack transceiver (21-1850 if memory serves) was a fine little car radio.  It would indeed reach the 3 miles claimed in the manual. The down sides were, no spring on the antenna. Any bump would knock the magnet mount loose. And the cable from the control head to the antenna was not very resistant to UV. Dried and cracked very quickly. But all in all a BIG step above CBs. 

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