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Antenna Separation - new mast project



I've been working on this mast design for gmrs repeater and vhf marine radio (possible future vhf repeater)

I think it's a good way of optimizing vertical separation with the antennas i have.

Icom fr-4000 has 3 receiving cans / 2 transmit cans / transmitter isolator/circulator -plus 6 can Motorola tx/rx duplexer 

Future vhf will have same amount of db isolation before it's antenna.

messi 10 pro coax all n connectors

Any constructive thoughts on the plan???

antenna design.png

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Looks good. For the oil industry and many coastal stations, I have made similar setups. Except Sirio antennas were not available as easily in the West Coast of the United States, the local Marine VHF antenna of choice is made by Morad. UHF was then used for a command and control element, and Commscope antennas (DB-404-B), I still call these "paperclip" antennas from my radio youth, have worked very well for a very long time. Great combination there, and you show a very similar antenna stack. Just be sure to use low loss coax and weather sealant tape on the connections and you should get many years of VHF and UHF comms use out of that antenna system. Show pictures once you get it installed, may help show others here, and I am always curious to see myself. 

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