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Motorola i20r Controller



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A normal Motorola dealer isn't going to touch a piece of equipment that's @ 20 years past production & requires DOS programming. Especially if they didn't sell it.

As I recall - the i20 was really made by Instrument Associates (which later sold to Gaitronics?) for Motorola. I think you can access the programming through the GM300 software that you would normally use for programming your GR300 series desktop repeater.

There's probably some info over on Repeater-Builder or Batlabs that might help you.

The i20r was sold as an "on-site repeater controller" that did a limited amount of PL/DPL code sets (8 or 10?) and was able to control a simple GM300 or R1225 repeater. Not sure what repeater you're planning to use it with.

I seem to recall liking the i20r when it first came out, because you didn't have to mess around with programming it via a maze of DTMF codes (like the Zetron controllers).  Was much easier to work with on the bench for initial setup, but a pain if you had to drive out to a site in order to turn a user code on or off. I forget if the i20r allowed just one CWID, or had multiple call signs based on the PL/DPL code in use. Something tells me it was just one CWID.

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