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Radioddity GM-N1: Correct Info + Diff Versus FS-N1


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For anyone interested in purchasing the Radioddity GM-N1 GMRS radio, there is inconsistent/incorrect info floating around in various sources.

First, on high power this radio is 3W not 2W...

On Radioddity's product page for the GM-N1, under it's picture it states the radio is 3W.  On the same page, scrolling down further there is a disclaimer that states that a license is not required to purchase the radio nor to listen to it, but a license is required to transmit on GMRS freqs.  Downloading the online manual, the spec section also shows that high power is 3W.  Looking up this radio on amazon, the description states the radio is 3W.  Also, in the question section on amazon, a customer asked about the GM-N1's output power.  Radioddity's reply: 3W.  So despite all the places that state the radio is 3W, unfortunately on Radioddity's manual/software download page they listed it under the "LICENSE-FREE SERIES" section, which can steer someone incorrectly.

Given that the GM-N1 is 3W, which exceeds the FRS radio service's max allowable 2W output power, the GM-N1 is truly a GMRS radio, and hence requires a license if transmitting. For sure a license is needed if using high power or when utilizing GMRS repeaters.  Without a license, I'm not sure if one could use the radio legally on low power if sticking with FRS freqs and not using GMRS repeaters, but the answer may be no.  I have sent Radioddity an email stating that this radio as well as other GMRS radios such as the GM-30 should not be listed as license-free.

Another thing I wanted to alert readers about is the difference between the GMRS GM-N1 version and the potential somewhat lookalike FRS FS-N1 version...

There was supposed to be an FRS version named the FS-N1.  It was supposed to be introduced via a kickstarter campaign.  I don't know if that ever came to fruition.  Interestingly, the guy in the popular "Ham Radio 2.0" youtube channel reviewed the FS-N1 a year ago.  However, a year later, this FRS version (which looks similar to the GMRS GM-N1 version), does not appear to be available for purchase.  Maybe the kickstarter campaign is behind schedule or Radioddity is re-evaluating whether to go ahead with this version?

Anyway, if the FS-N1 is ever released, I wanted to alert readers that it looks similar to the GMRS GM-N1 version from the front and presumably back.  Pictures I've see of the proposed FS-N1 show it with either blue or red sides, whereas the GM-N1 is all black.  Note: who knows whether the blue and red sided FS-N1 pics are only mockups or whether its side panels will truly be colored and never all black, if that radio is released.

Because the front of the FS-N1 looks like the GM-N1, if the FS-N1 is released, I wanted to ensure that people wanting the GMRS GM-N1 version get that radio instead of the FRS FS-N1 version.  Otherwise, instead of getting GMRS/repeater capability you'll get the less powerful/FRS/non-repeater capability.  And again, if you do get the GM-N1, a license is required when transmitting.  

Similarly, for those who do not need the extra capabilities of the GM-N1 nor want the expense of purchasing a GMRS license, they would want to purchase the FS-N1 FRS version [if it's made available] or another FRS [not GMRS] radio.

Just trying to provide proactive info so folks buy the appropriate and legal radio for their needs and also to help avoid the need for exchanges to get their proper radio.

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Not sure why you want to rehash this issue all over again, 6 months later, but I stand by my prior comments:

On 9/2/2021 at 3:32 AM, mrgmrs said:

If I'm visiting non-GMRS-licensed friends and one or more of them would like to transmit using my radio and call sign, would this be legal if done while they are in my presence?  

On 9/21/2021 at 2:44 AM, MichaelLAX said:

What I would do in your circumstance, is bring a Radioddity GM-N1 and lock out the repeater channels for non-licensed FRS use by your friends while you are visiting.

Technically these HTs are not fully FRS compliant because of their ability to transmit on GMRS repeater channels, but once you lock out these repeater channels with its software; I believe that they are fully FRS compliant otherwise: 2 watt, fixed antenna.

Once they get the "bug" they can then buy their own GMRS license! 

Did you measure this radio's output with a reliable meter? These radios are notoriously oversold on wattage claims.

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Addressing the 'Not sure why you want to rehash this issue all over again, 6 months later' comment, there is a difference between that previous post and this morning's one.  That previous post was a general question about whether non-licensed friends can transmit legally using a license holder's GMRS radio - any GMRS radio.  This morning's post was designed to discuss the Radioddity GM-N1 and FS-N1 radios (i.e., differences, appearances, and caveats).

The intent was to aid prospective buyers in purchasing the correct radio based on their needs.  It didn't help that Radioddity listed the GM-N1 in their license-free portion  of the CPS and user's manual download section.  Due to that incorrect label, a non-GMRS-licensee might buy and use that radio at odds with the rules.  I also wanted prospective buyers to know that at least front-panel wise and possibly rear as well, that the two radios look similar.  I stated this so that if the FS-N1 is included in a product page in the future, a buyer would be warned that due to the radios' similar appearances, if the buyer happened to glance too quickly they might buy the wrong model.

In fact, I was not aware of the FS-N1.  Searching for "GM-N1" in youtube, the Ham Radio 2.0 review of that radio popped up, or so I thought.  When I took a quick look at the thumbnail of the video, I thought "yes, there's the GM-N1."  It was not until the presenter mentioned FRS FS-N1 [and not GMRS GM-N1] that I realized there was a similar-looking but different FS-N1.  I wanted to make sure that buyers knew that there were two similar looking but different versions, one FRS and one GMRS.  Just trying to look out for people proactively.

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