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Bridgecom Systems BCR-40U Round #3


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Well, this is actually a rewrite of round #2 and is technically round #3 now.  I am reserving further judgement pending the outcome of my current situation.

The (NEW) repeater came back from Bridgecom with a new, now external duplexer, as I had originally intended when I ordered it and, it initially seems to be just fine.  Unfortunately that did not last long.  Somewhere over the weekend, just days after putting it back on the air, the repeater died completely, no TX or RX.  I can still talk to it with the software and it, from that perspective, is fine.  However, there is no longer any receive or transmit.

I've opened yet another ticket with their system and I am awaiting a response from Bridgecom.  I expect I'll have to again shell out another $50 just to send it back.

So this post is just a placeholder/heads up for now, based on what Bridgecom does in response.

Personally, I am really pissed off and, extremely disappointed.  I chose Bridgecom because of their (apparent) reputation and because it is a USA company.  Right now, I'm feeling pretty stupid for that choice. However, as I stated previously, I'll reserve judgement after they have a chance to respond.

In my nearly 50 years of working and playing in radio communications, I have never experienced such ridiculous repeat failures of a brand new piece of equipment.

Stay Tuned.

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