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KG-1000G programing - AM Band Scan Group



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39 minutes ago, htims05 said:

I don't yet have my programing cable for the KG-1000G but I was wondering if it's possible to create a custom scan group of AM channels - in frequency mode?  I like to listen to air traffic from time to time.

I don't know about AM scanning but I have one Ham repeater that works on my KG 1000 of course it is listen in only but the repeater is on top a area that I run around in and I can pick up any info going on there. It works just fine  You can find out with a programming cable when you get it! Others here may have tried it and I am sure they will chime in, good luck.

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On 5/1/2022 at 9:26 PM, Screech said:

I ran the software a little to see how the interface is while I'm waiting on my radio and if you put the AM channels in their own 100 channel block, I think you can set A to scan just that block.

My programming cable came today - yes if you put the AM freq's into the main channel listing, and then you can edit the scan groups (1 of 10) to only be those channels...and you can make the scan key on the keypad of the mic default to just scan that group (you can also change this in the radio menu - it defaults to all right now).

so the short answer - yes it works.

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