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Phantom Elite antenna mount



Currently doing homework for new GMRS install to my Jeep JKU. I will be creating a custom antenna mount that will elevate the antenna base just above the JKU fiberglas top for improved TX/RX. I'm wanting to use a low profile antenna due to height restrictions I must deal with. I like the Phantom antenna based upon reviews, but this antenna requires a ground plane.

I'm searching for advice / hints as to install this antenna to the mount I will make and a proper ground plane to use. 

Any shared wisdom is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Dave G / WRQW247

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FrostyFruits, thank you for your reply. A little background info first as there may be an error in my thinking / path forward, and/or info previously provided. I intend to make a custom gmrs antenna riser that will attach to the rear door hinges on a Jeep Wrangler JKU. The riser will have a small, top mounted platform that will sit just above the roof line of the JKU top (for best TX and RX operation.)  I'm looking at the Phantom Elite antenna because...1.  it does not require a ground plan.  2  small and somewhat aerodynamic.  3.  reported good operation.    My question relates to the best antenna mount that I can attach to the top of my riser, or can I simply create a mounting hole that will directly accept the Phantom Elite antenna.  My plan , at the moment, is to use a KG-1000G mobile radio with the Phantom Elite antenna.

I welcome any comments or suggested "re-direction".

VR,  WRQW247

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