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Diamond monoband VHF antenna for ham + MURS

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I wanted a monoband VHF antenna which I could use at hunting camp for both ham VHF frequencies as well as MURS.  Decided on the Diamond M285.  (I got the M285SNMO model as my mobile-to-base bracket is a Tram 1465 with a NMO-to-UHF mount.)  This antenna is intended to be tuned and comes with a cut sheet.  Originally, I wanted to cover starting at 144 MHz through the entire MURS band up through Blue/Green at 154.600, but I found I couldn't get there without wiping out too much of the ham band.  (It's about a 7 MHz range to maintain less than 2.0 SWR.)   I ended up cutting off 2" from the 47.25" antenna and ended with a midpoint (lowest SWR of 1.18) around 148.853.  Used 20" radials on that Tram bracket.  Eager to try it in the field.


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