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Nagoya UT-72 vs UT-72G



Hi all, I am looking for opinions not hard facts (gasp!) in regards to the Nagoya UT-72 and UT-72G antennas.  I will be mounting the antenna to my car roof to pair with a Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio.  My primary concern is GMRS rx/tx, but it would be nice to have decent rx for local 130-139 MHz (fire, police, etc.) for my enjoyment.  I will not tx on any HAM bands, and I don't care if I can rx NOAA stations.  I have a NA-771G on my HT, and I am pleased with the rx on UHF/VHF and tx on GMRS, so I was thinking the UT-72G would work best for my mobile install.  Thoughts?

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Since you're interested in txing on GMRS but not HAM, of those two antennas the UT-72G is the one to get.  That antenna is optimized for GMRS (i.e., 462-467 MHz) as well as for the MURS radio service.  In fact, the "G" at the end of the antenna's name represents GMRS.

Incidentally, I am using the G version as a base antenna.  I plopped it on top of a steel pizza pan, which serves as a ground.  I'm happy with the results.  Since I don't use the antenna as a mobile antenna, I cannot comment on its performance for that scenario.

If you have a chance, can you update this post to let us know how the UT-72G is working out for you?  Good luck.

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