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None of the links are connected to me, nor an endorsement to buy from the link. These are strictly for information.
I wanted something for my daughter to use that would give her some range while traveling. She has a 2022 bronco which with a cloth top requires something on the back, or hood area. Ya that's not happening for her.
I needed something that was temporary, and extended the radio send/receive past either rubber ducky, or tactical folder. I've outfitted our radios that do frequent antenna changes with BNC connectors. This allows going short or long with the antennas, I like the setup.
I'll start from the tip to the tail. The stinger I used, by design, is a short antenna tuned (if you can call it that, remember Jack of all trades master of none) VHF UHF 136-174MHz 400-470MHz. I knew it wasn't a true GMRS antenna, but anyway. I needed short and low profile to handle the wind and BNC. Then we have the antenna mount. This is a window lip mount. Roll the window down half way, place the mount on the top lip and you roll up the window. In the samples I used the mount, 2022 bronco, and dodge ram with plastic window lips(I don't know what to call them) it mounted with no issues. No, I do not have the measurements for the plastic. On both samples there was no seal deformation, but on both the mounting is not long term.
The mount I purchased used BNC connectors but can be bought in sma female/male, and BNC and once I slipped the mount on the glass I connected the stinger and had the window rolled up to the top. No air noise came in other than the minimum. And then, connect the radio uv-82hp.
Usage: I'm new to using GMRS repeaters, and with the help of some members here I had repeaters programmed on a route I was traveling to my brother's. Once on the road I connected to the repeaters nicely. I was speaking to some gents on the oak ridge repeater and then the Knoxville repeater. They were very impressed with the setup as I was able to talk them at what they considered extended distances, remember this my first rodeo with this setup. I gave them the info from Amazon LOL.
Conclusion: for a kit that is stowable in a glovebox and takes a couple minutes to set up, I really like it. I've bought two setups, one for the wife's car stored in a small kit (dop) bag in the center console and one for my daughter. The price won't break the bank by means with.
BNC Dual Band Walkie Talkie Antenna Soft Whip VHF UHF 136-174MHz 400-470MHz Ham Radio Antenna for Vertex Uniden Kenwood TK300 TK320 ICOM IC-W32 IC-V80 Handheld Two Way Radio https://a.co/d/gqj1zHh
REVEX RB-CLP Window Clip Mount with RG-174 Cable BNC for Car Radio Antenna Handheld Two Way Radio Yaesu Vertex Kenwood WouXun PuXing TYT HYT https://a.co/d/3Lan8TA
DHT Electronics 2pcs SMA Female to BNC Female Convert Adapter for Two Way Radio BaoFeng UV-5R FD-880 https://a.co/d/17ivb2u53444e5c647cc119f7fde92d96684de8.jpg7793f1bc9e001970ad1c14663ff7dddb.jpgbcaaf0164826f69a6fa4e5f98b0776f4.jpg
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