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bay area repeater network (b-link status?)



Hello, just trying to figure out how to use my radios with one of the local repeaters (BARN-R1). When I transmit, the receive functions on the radios activate including the callsign of the repeaters. However, I can't hear what i'm saying. The website says that the "B-Link Status is OFF". I've been trying to search what that means, but have not found anything useful so far. I don't know if this is related to not getting any voice transmission off the repeater. I don't have any other public repeaters in the frequency band and range of my radios that I can find.




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B- link is merely the linking of various other repeaters in the Barn system.

You did not mention what type of radio you are programing, it's always helpful to include this info when seeking help.


If you go to the home page of this web site you will find a link to a map when expanded will list the approx. location of the reported repeaters in your area. At the present time only about 60-70% of the repeaters in your area are shown on the map, (there's a large group of repeaters that do not want there location an existence to be general public info).


You shouldn't have any problem accessing several different repeaters from your location with a hand held.

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I have a couple of different radio types. One is a Garmin Rino and the other a Kenwood TK-3402. I can clearly hear the repeater, and its obviously responding to the fact that I am transmitting because it transmits its callsign if its been inactive for a while. I can provide as much of the Kenwood programming it that's helpful, but the main stuff like Tx/Rx freq and PL freq seem like they're accurate seeing as the repeater starts transmitting - something anyway. The signal is pretty clear (very little static) so its odd that there is just no voice transmitted. I've also not heard anyone else use it, so seems like its not in frequent use.

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