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Repeater Nets?



I'm sitting in my living room listening to my GMRS-9R on GMRS-22.  I'm hearing call signs from ALL over the US.  The closest repeater that I'm aware of is 45 miles away with a published range of 30 miles.  Is there any documentation on repeater nets that would explain how I'm hearing these conversations?

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1 hour ago, Newb said:

  How would I be hearing the repeater net if I don't have a repeater in range of my HT?

If it was being transmitted from a repeater, and you heard it, then you have a repeater in range of your HT.

"Published range" is an estimate, not a fixed distance.  Your FARS may vary.

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Usually the repeater published range is just a number as a radius from the antenna. In real world RF propagation it's not that simple. I can pretty easily hit a repeater 22 miles away from me with a 40 mile published range. There is another repeater five miles away that I usually cannot hit from home, and it has a published range of 20 miles. The difference, really, is that I have almost perfect line of sight to the repeater 40 miles away. The one 20 miles away has a mountain between us. It doesn't matter if you're only five miles apart if there's several miles of dirt and rock between.

In your case, you may be hearing a repeater over 45 miles away because the conditions are such that you can pick it up. Those favorable conditions may include one or more of the following: Most importantly, line of sight. After that, a good receiving antenna and good receiver. And of course factors such as minimal interference on the frequency, a good transmitter and good transmission antenna.

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