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KG-935G Scan behavior




I recently picked up a new Wouxun KG-935G and have noticed some odd scanning behavior that I was hoping to get more info on.

When I scan channels, it stops every couple of channels as to indicate there is traffic on that channel. It even shows a full blue bar across the screen as if someone was transmitting and I was receiving a full signal from them. However, every time it does this, there is no audio.

In addition to that, when I hit exit to stop the scan, the signal immediately goes away. When I scan I consistently see this behavior, but if I was to manually scan through the channels I will not see this behavior.

Also, when using another radio and key up on those same channels, I receive audio just fine on the KG-935G. It's also worth noting that I do not have any CTS or DCS tones/codes set and this pertains to just plain old GRMS channels.

Am I missing something here? Is there a setting in the menu that may be causing this?

TIA - Jason


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I occasionally have the scan stop on either GMRS02 or GMRS06 when I am in the car, but it is normally accompanied by digital signal audio from some close by device. Does this happen on the same channels every time or most of the time? You might check your squelch settings. If you can get to the radio while it is stopped you might try pressing the monitor button to see if you can hear anything. Are you using Priority Scan? I am sure someone who knows more than I do will have some suggestions.

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Very strange! 
You say that if you manually flip from one channel to the next there is zero trace of any silent signals but if you let the radio scan it always finds rogue signals that disappear when you stop the scan...   That is bizarre. 
I would send a video of this to two way radio or whoever you purchased it from.   
Too bad you don't have another KG935G to establish a base line.    Good Luck!

Ken WQXQ522


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