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Need an app (or advanced GPS unit)



On my Garmin GPS unit I have waypoints saved wfor local GMRS  repeaters. When traveling I’ll generally set up a direct route to an interesting repeater. The GPS shows name of repeater, direct distance, and a pink line shows the direction to repeater. What’s missing is whether there is a clear line of sight to the repeater. An elevation profile that changes as you move showing the max elevation of the blocking mountain. It would be helpful if the amount of blocking updates as well. Like it’s only a 100’ of a 3000’ block. That way you see if terrain is an issue for poor coms.


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You appear to have a street/routing map set installed. Does that unit support topo map sets? May cost a few $$ to get one that can be downloaded (I don't recall if the 100K Topo set on my Garmin eTrex Touch 35t came with it or was a download -- the CN set I'm sure was a download from $$ CDs, and doesn't seem much different from the base maps). The Topo map overlays altitude lines on the street map.

I did have to download $$ maps for my older 76CSX (or whatever notation) -- two SD cards for that, one for street maps, and the other for topo colored maps)

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