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Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate?


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For those with experience with the Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate HT, did you experience any negatives which soured you about the radio?

There are not many reviews/comments to be found.  There are a small number mentioned in Amazon.  There are also some in youtube videos.

One negative comment is that the display is hard (if not impossible) to read in a sunny setting.

As another negative, one commenter stated that with an RX tone in place, squelch was broken by an undesired data/pager signal.  That person added that the radios they owned from the big three did not break squelch in that scenario.

Someone else mentioned another negative receive issue, though I don't recall the specifics.

Due to the low number of reviews/comments about this radio, I though I'd ask the readers of this site who own or have used this radio about their experience.

To be fair, there were positive comments also.  Unless it was a comment I came across by someone about a different Chinese radio, that commenter mentioned a positive receive aspect that was better than those of the big three. 

For those with experience with this radio, I'm interested in your observations.  Thanks.



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I own both a UV9D Mate and UV9D. They are my favorite HTs, and have sold off my name brand amateur HTs in favor of these radios.

My only complaint with the UV9D radios is that AM receive audio (aircraft) can be louder than the FM reception, particularly with close aircraft. I live near a general aviation airport, so the traffic is only a couple of miles away and some transmissions can be quite a bit louder than the other signals received. They need some form a AGC to solve that I guess.

I have not experienced any issues with intermod or other types of interference, as I have with other brands of Chinese radios, These radios seem to have good selectivity, keeping unwanted signals out, and the receive sensitivity of the UV9D models seems quite good.  I also live near a high powered paging transmitter, and do not experience any bleed over from that on the UV9D. But I will mention I only use these radios as handhelds, and only with a rubber duck antenna. I have not connected them to an external or mobile antenna, and that could impact someone’s reception, regarding overloading of strong signals.

The display can be difficult to read in direct sunlight, but that does not bother me much. I find these radios to be as good as one of the more expensive Yaesu HTs, and I can tell you personally I will never spend more money on something like a Yaesu, as their quality has deteriorated over the years, while Wouxun’s quality has improved greatly.

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