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GM-30 post firmware update issue



Hello all,

I just did a firmware update on my GM-30 and it all went well, sort of.  One thing I failed to do was back up my .data file with channel/freq list before the firmware update.  I figured it was not an issue as it was a new radio and I had not really programmed anything yet, starting from scratch.  Unfortunately the firmware update deleted about half of the factory channel and frequency assignments, including the ones that we can not modify, so they are blank and I can't restore them. See attached.

I've searched around a bit and have not found anyone that has made this mistake, or a .data file to get me back to square 1.  I have not checked with the Radioddity yet either.

Does anyone have any advice on this?   Or by chance have a .data file they could share with me to reset my GM-30?  Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Screenshot 2022-10-18 182655.png

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What versions firmware before and after update?

Hopefully you "upgraded" the firmware and did not install an earlier version.

I checked my library and I have firmware versions:





and here is the original default codeplug that I have in my library but I am not sure which version of firmware it matches with:

default radioddity.data

And here is a screenshot of the default codeplug with V2.06 of the Radioddity GM-30 CPS software:

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.15.29 AM.png

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