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Linking Vertex Standard EVX-R70 repeater



Having recently put a Vertex Standard EVX-R70 repeater into service, I'd like to take it one step further by linking it to the myGMRS network.

I've reviewed the linking bundles on the shop portion of the website, but have run aground with the interface cable for my repeater.  The EVX-R70 has a 26-pin accessory connector that is the same connector as found on the Motorola MOTOTRBO product line. 

Essentially, I think I need either a DE-9 or DB-25 connector on one end and the unique MOTOTRBO 26-pin connector on the other.

I'm tracking that the pi computers/linking bundles are sold out right now, but I would like to get ahead of the interface cable issue.  That way once the linking bundles are available, I can hit the ground running in linking my repeater to the network.

Would appreciate any advice on a solution.


-Matthew (WROQ941)

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4 hours ago, gortex2 said:

The kit you need is the PMLN5072 Hardware Accessory Pin Kit for the MotorTrbo. You can grab it on Amazon from Wiscomm for $12.00


PMLN5072 Accessory Kit


The EVX is a nice RPT but a waste for GMRS because we cant use DMR with it. 

I did see something similar before, but then my question would be how to correctly wire the pinouts.

Attached are the pin layouts for one of the linking kits and the repeater.  I'm willing to have a go at wiring it up, but I'm not sure (base on each pins description) where they correlate from the linking pi computer to the repeater.

Repeater Pinout:




Linking Pi Computer Pinout:

Link Pi on top. Repeater pinout on bottom.

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