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CHIRP not opening



I recently updated CHIRP and wanted to do a little programming on my boofwang GT3WP but I'm getting a pesky error message that won't allow me to open it.  I sent an email to CHIRP but realized I'm not on their email list but thought, what the heck, you folks seem pretty helpful so here goes....

I uninstalled CHIRP and tried to re-install it.  Windows Defender got ugly on me and I reassured the Defender it was okay and run the program anyway.  When I go to open CHIRP I get the following message...

the logfile  'C:\Program Files (x86)\CHIRP\chirpw.exe.log' could not be
[Errno 13] Permission denied:  'C:\\Program Files


Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?  Does it matter if I use Google Chrome browser vs Google Edge browser?

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18 minutes ago, kerstuff said:

I had this issue 2 versions ago. Go directly to the web site & load the current version. Tha should eliminate the problem.

I'll wait a day and see if the next latest and greatest version will work.  I loaded today's version and that's where I'm having issues.  Thx and will keep trying.  How do I download the older version?  I see "Old no longer stable builds" and "Daily build archive" at the bottom of the download page.  Which one do I try?  I like stability in my life so that first one makes me worried.

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