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More and more ski areas are using FRS/GMRS Channels


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As an avid skier and also on ski and trail patrol, I've been noticing a huge increase in people using FRS/GMRS radio channels.

A few popular ski areas in the back country, have now started posting the FRS Channels to use on their Trail Maps.

Even here in the State of Minnesota, many of us have started carrying FRS/GMRS Radios in addition to our ski patrol radios, as it's a good way to interface with the public if they need assistance.

This winter, if your out skiing or snowboarding, don't forget to bring your FRS or GMRS radio a long with you. Maybe we'll chat.

Note; Check out some of the backpack or fanny pack radios with a remote speaker mic with control buttons that are sold for outdoorsy type people. It's not just handheld type radios any more.

BC Link Radio Photo.jpg

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On 11/2/2023 at 4:19 PM, WRZD727 said:

They’re popular out west in Colorado, Wyoming & Montana. Wyoming Search and rescue have a program called Be 307 aware, and Colorado has the same procedure in place minus the CTCSS tone on FRS CH 3.

Does Montana also have a FRS/GMRS frequency plan for use during an emergency?

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On 11/6/2023 at 11:56 PM, Over2U said:

Does Montana also have a FRS/GMRS frequency plan for use during an emergency?

I agree with @WRZD727. After my comment the other day, I went to the Montana Search and Rescue website and there’s nothing mentioned there.  Nor is there on the Butte-Silver Bow 15-90 Search and Rescue. Neither have I ever seen the state advertise anything related to FRS or GMRS. I pretty sure there’s no official FRS/GMRS frequency plan at this time.

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