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FCC Maintenance: Sept 2 - Sept 8


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The FCC has taken down the ULS for system upgrades and maintenance, starting today, Wednesday, September 2nd through Tuesday, September 8th.


During this time, myGMRS.com will be unable to fetch new license and callsign data from the FCC. The biggest impact will be for licenses issues within the last 24-48 hours, as we may not have a copy of the licenses before the FCC has shut down the ULS. Presumably the FCC is not granting any new licenses during this time, so we will sync up again after they are back online.


We maintain our own database of license data separate from the FCC. We only use the FCC's system for pulling in updates and new licenses.


New users who had a license issued more than 48 hours before the shutdown should have no trouble logging in, as we should already have your info on file.


Curiously, the License Search page has been replaced already with a redirect to the below link, so we were caught a little off-guard.


Please report any issues to our Contact Us page, which will create a new support ticket. Please don't contact us about new licenses not showing up unless they were issued before August 31, 2015.


Please note that it will take myGMRS.com a further 24 hours to synchronize with the ULS once it's back online, since we are forced to be 1 day behind the FCC's database.


More Info: https://www.fcc.gov/blog/modernizing-fcc-s-it



Thanks for your patience!

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