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Based on feedback I've received over the last few weeks, I thought it would be a great idea to open up a dedicated forum that allows guests to post. Some visitors don't have a GMRS license yet and have some questions to ask, and some people may be trying to register but need help for one reason or another. Since the forums use your regular myGMRS login, these visitors were unable to seek help from our community, and I either had to respond directly to them or they'd be without recourse.


Hopefully this will help out some prospective members who need advice or the right nudge they need to get signed up.


For now, posts do not require moderators to approve them. This policy may change at any time, however, if we get a lot of spam posts or notice any other prohibited behavior.


Only guests can create topics in this forum, but all members can reply. If you're already a member, please use another forum for creating a post.

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Note to Guest Users:  To participate in all Forum threads, you must be registered at the main MyGMRS.com website listed below. In order to register at the main website, you must have a valid FCC issued GMRS license and call sign.  It can sometimes take up to a week for the FCC database to sync with the MyGMRS.com database, so if you try to register at the main website and get a note stating that the license listed in your application is not valid, please wait a couple days and try again.  Once you are registered at the main website, THEN  you can also register here at the forum. Thank you.


Main MyGMRS.com website:   https://www.mygmrs.com/

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