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RT85 vs TH-UV88


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The next project I plan on doing is a dual radio Allstar/Echolink node.


I am planning on using two RT85 or TH-UV88.  I realize they are clones.  The plus to the TH-UV88 is that there is a battery eliminator for it.(Using the same battery eliminator on the RT85 is hit and miss)  The plus to the RT-85 is that it is cheaper when you buy a pair.

My question, for those who have used both, which is a better quality radio?  The reviews for the RT85 are better but is that true?




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Thank you for that information.

And the purpose of one of these nodes?

To be able to use your HT to communicate through repeaters that have an AllStar node?

Or for Repeater owners to allow AllStar users to be able to access their repeater?

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Allstar and Echolink are both ways that analog repeaters  can connect to each other through the internet.  The node I am building will just a very low power in house repeater connected to Echolink and Allstar. Echolink also has a computer app and a smart phone app that allows you to connect to repeater without having a node.

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Here is what I came up with:


$16.88 2 K-connectors  
$79.98 2 Radios https://www.buytwowayradios.com/tyt-th-uv88.html
$29.98 2 battery eliminator https://www.buytwowayradios.com/tyt-tyt-elm-uv88.html
$80.00 1 Interface box https://www.masterscommunications.com/products/radio-adapter/dra/dra30.html




So a bit over $200




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