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Magnetic mobile antenna mount.


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In theory, nothing in the base should be loose, but to determine the problem, you might need to peel off the Mylar film. It could be some kind of glue holding the magnet, or maybe the antenna mount itself secures the magnet. Or both. Or if you can, send it back and get one that didn't fail quality control. 

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12 hours ago, WRQC527 said:

Bear in mind that once you peel off the Mylar, it might be tricky to put it back on. It also might be a problem getting it off without damaging it. Hence my suggestion to try returning it if you can.

I've pealed off the Mylar on a bunch of magnet mounts. A good replacement is using some of the aluminum duck tape you can buy at the home improvement store. It sticks like crazy and is easy to trim off using a sharp blade. Also being aluminum it helps couple the antenna to the metal roof.

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The aluminum tape idea is great. I have experienced many magnet mounts being thrown away before anyone had a look under that mylar. In Hawaii I took some off and saw that every mount had the center conductor corroded off underneath. I ended up re-soldering them and putting them back into service. Well, at least the ones that were not too corroded apart in other areas as well. These were mostly Laird brand. A co-worker used gutter tape (tar and foil based) available at the big box home improvement store across the street from Pier 34 in Honolulu.

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