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BTech GMRS-50X1 Schematic Diagram



I have a Btech GMRS-50X1 that only transmits  1  watt max on all channels. It is well past the warranty period (I bought it new straight from BTech). I am looking for schematics and/or a service manual. Btech has offered to sell me a remanufactured one at a reduced price, but they have to sent me any info on the schematics. This radio is built on the same chasis as the Btech UV-50X2, and the QYT KT-980plus.  If I can get the schematic, I have someone that might tackle the repair. Thanks for any help

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I admire the thought of chasing down electrons and actually fixing the device.

Somewhere, there's a manual and schematic for those radios. It's probably written in Chinese. I can't imagine that anyone's going to go to the trouble to translate it and produce some copies that would probably end up costing more than the radio it's written for.

Practicality is the reason you don't see repair manuals for radios that cost less than $100.

Do a little searching on theory & find some schematics online for a portable with similar finals. If you can identify the components, you're probably looking at something like a failed solder joint. At least, that's what I'm thinking when I hear that it will still push out at least 1 watt.

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