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TYT TH-9800


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no pro here but this radio seams to be a good fit for newby if one is careful.

I bought this because the radio I had (retivus 9000) did not even receive weather or Murs. this did not work with purpose of Emergency use.

this radio covers receive multi bands as advertised and seems fairly clear. one might want an external speaker if you are wanting quality sound. I have had no complaints on transmit GMRS.

be aware mine from Amazon came with wrong software. simple google search is your friend.

I will not attest to unlocking but seams to be possible vie internet search. this is the be careful part. 

It has reviews of heating up and or burning out. as a casual user I have not noticed this and or use a very well tuned antenna.

just throwing my contributation to the forum as owe much thanks to this platform.


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