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Which Radios Use ARC4 Encryption?


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I'm waiting for delivery on a new NX-1300DUK5 radio with display and standard keypad. This particular model has the ability to be front panel programmed without any hardware modifications or license key loads.

One of the option license keys for it enables the 40 bit ARC4 encryption feature. It's a "cheap" license, around $30 more or less. I know it's weak encryption, and has been broken. If a number of radios use it them I might spend the money and upgrade it just to experiment with it. The one nice feature is no key-loader is required, for example AES and DES.

My question here what radios currently use this encryption standard?


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Many of the MSI radios support ADP/ARC4 encryption. The APX series used to ship free with it but have since changed the model and its still a $0 option.

I think RELM also supports it. 

I use a KVL - key loader for all keys, ARC/ADP, AES, DES, DESXL as that's the most secure way to operate. Never was a fan of typing a code in a computer. MSI does allow software key for ADP only. 

As to the use case alot of folks use it. All our SAR Radios support ADP and we use it when needed. Nope its not the best encryption but 99% of the scanner world cant decode it so for the "bring the body bag" or similar messages it suites our needs. 

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