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Question on the RB27 Desktop Charger



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It's probably safe to leave it in the charger, however, Lion batteries don't discharge themselves quickly like the older NiCad batteries did. I've charged up radios and let them sit for a couple of months on the shelf to find they retain 90% of their charge or greater.

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Lithium ion batteries do not like to be kept fully charged. Over time it damages the cells and causes them to lose capacity. They instead prefer to be stored at 80% state of charge. 

I wouldn't recommend leaving the battery on the charger for extended periods of time. Charge it up then keep it off the charger until it requires recharging or you know you'll be out and about for a long enough period of time to require a fully charged pack. 

Another reason I wouldn't recommend leaving them on the charger. Although they do have battery monitoring onboard to prevent overcharging, if that circuitry fails and one of the cells is allowed to overcharge it will violently vent hot gas and flame, potentially burning down your house or car. Ideally you should never allow a lithium ion battery to charge unattended, because this stuff does happen, and more often than you might think. 

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