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Programming repeater in CHIRP



I am new to GMRS and have attempted to program some repeaters into my radio but not sure if I've done it correctly. Both are listed as open to the public with the following information: 

Repeater 1: 462.700 MHz, Input Tone: 223 DPL, Output Tone: 466 DPL

Repeater 2: 462.650 MHz, Input Tone: None, Output Tone: 136.5


Attached is a screenshot of how I programmed the 2 repeater channels in CHIRP. Can anyone verify if I did this correctly? If not, what changes need to be made? I just want to make sure the lack of communications I'm hearing is for reasons other than me programming it incorrectly. 


CHIRP Screenshot.png

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I have one question and one suggestion.   First, the suggestion:  Personally,I would not do TSQL for 31.  I would just do Tone, and leave out the receive tone.

Same suggestion  for repeater 32.  I would leave the receive tone empty.

By leaving the receive tone empty you will hear everything transmitted on the 462 frequency you have programmed.  That’s helpful for troubleshooting when just starting. 

Now the question.  How is the necessary transmit frequency entered?  

In the screenshot you included, nothing is entered for an offset.  I don’t have a BTech, so maybe it shows up somewhere else, but for each of your repeaters you will need to be transmitting with an offset of 5 MHz, so for repeater 31 you transmit on 467.65000 and for 32 you transmit on 467.70000.  Somehow that must be done, whether that’s done by programming a separate transmit frequency or by entering an offset of 5 MHz or by telling the BTech that these are repeater channels.

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