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Attention Quantar guru's :



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Using both the Windows CPS and DOS RSS programming applications --->   The frequencies entered for RX & TX cannot be "out of band".  

I even tried changing the model to a "U2" and some other "tweaks" during experimentation.  Even took R2 RF components out of one of my R2's & swapping 

prior to trying the above.  No luck  :( 


(The Q's are awesome + rugged TANKS! - just have too many "ranges" - They really do make terrific GMRS repeaters.  Linking via v.24 is possible over IP /

it can do 12.5khz or 25khz spacing / has great built-in monitoring functionality & even lowers power output + generates an audible alert tone over RF output freq. upon detecting antenna system <swr> failure.  Has a bunch of i/o functions and with the advanced wireline card option, can do E&M or multiple variants of tone remote control <2-wire/4-wire/ full duplex/etc>.  The list of features & functions runs on forever.  But a few caveats:  Stick w/ the "gold" colored chassis models over the older "silver" colored backplane chassis models and make sure to bring 5-6 strong guys w/ you to lift it  LOL.


-  The FRU Modules that comprise the "RF" section:  

(so to switch to "GMRS Range" -- 450-470mhz, these would have to be "swapped" for R2 versions vs. the R3 you currently have.)


- Receiver module  (there are 2 "slots" for RX units)

- Exciter 

- PA  (The power amp for the low power unit is different than the 110w "high power") - same w/ power supply, though that doesn't change w/ freq range...



I do recall that a bunch of the older /\/\ gear (MT1000's and GM300's etc..) COULD be programmed out of their "normal" range by holding down the <SHIFT> key and using the numeric keypad on the keyboard to enter the freq's.  


I wonder if there's not a way to do the same to a Quantar..??  (then tune/align as best you can).


I have a similar predicament and have several new R3's that I thought were R2's when I purchased them.  If anyone has a any ideas, it'd be great.!


I have a few folk in the "T-Band" markets that are willing to swap out the RF components in my R3's for their R2's (instead of sending the whole heavy chassis and power supply and other modules etc.)   There's apparently a large market out there for replacement hardware for existing/installed Quantars operating in the "T-Band" (470-520mhz) as they aren't being mfg'd anymore.  I'm guessing most mfg's are afraid to continue development & tooling etc to manufacture anything in this range due to the potential for the pending "T-Band Spectrum Snatch Back" (part of 2012 O'Bummer Stimulus Act/Law).


Just based on the volume of "T-Band" Spectrum use for public safety in NYC alone, it seems incomprehensible that they will really follow through.

But it's really all guesswork and only affects the 11 or so markets that use that portion of the spectrum. (of course, those areas are the most dense in the nation and have literally no spectrum left to utilize -- other than jumping up to 700mhz etc.  


With the current economic situation out there, I can't believe they will really do it...  + NYC could potentially garner quite a bit of public relations support..

But -- you just never know.

(+ there must be a financial profiteering aspect that is unknown to the public at large that could definitely keep the project going, though
i doubt any "auction proceeds" to assist the migration to other freq's -- such as 700mhz "D-Block" etc.-- will ever occur)



Good Luck !


& if you ever get one on the air, post info here.  Maybe we can try one of the "cheap/easy" v.24 to IP linking projects currently being developed by

some of the amateur radio folk. 

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Wow! Thanks for that info R-10. I'm trying to put a repeater station together and would like to hold out for a Quantar.

I know I need a R2, but came across a Q for sale that the owner listed as"GMRS Quantar repeater for sale". Called him up and reafirmly asking if in fact it was a R2. Owner said no its a R3 but it was programmed in GMRS.


Myself not knowing that it could be programmed out of frequecy, (I know some Motorola you canot!) Asked if I could see the software read the radio to verify, owner has no problem with that! Even stated he could TX it and RX the frequency on a HT for verification.....OK sounded good to me...


Now I read the above and feeling not so sure! Could it be possible that there is someway someone may have figured out how to mod a R3 to work in the R2 frequency?


Listing price for the Q, duplexer and antenna 500.00! So naturally I'm all over it! It's about 6hrs away but no problem have cash will travel for a deal like that. Could this be a textbook "if it's to good to be true then probably it is?



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On 12/6/2015 at 9:00 PM, rfmedic said:

I'm using a 470-512 Quantar on gmrs with no problems. CPS does not care what Freq you enter it has no limits.



Did you have any issues getting 5khz deviation with the range 3? I have 2 that play well at 467.550 tx and 462.550 rx. Get about .120pv sensitivity. Just the deviation is a little low. 


Is there a way to get the CPS to allow 460mhz in the service menus?

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3 hours ago, gortex2 said:

Are you using the internal controller of the quantar ? If so go into the service mode and align the audio with a service monitor.

We did and after a good while it fell in line . Now have 5khz deviation. Took a lot of back and forth.

What i was hoping , was someone may have had some luck get the CPS to accept different alignment frequencies. But its all good.

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