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midland radio mxt 275 not transmitting.


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i recently purchased a midland mxt275 so i could use it as a portable radio for traveling in rental cars or with  friends etc.

i have a mag mount antenna nmo and tuned it to a 1.2 swr.  it worked awesome for a 15 watt radio.

today i went to use it and it could not get past my driveway, about 200ft.

any suggestions? what could have caused this?  the hand mike says it is transmitting but the sure com meter says it is not putting out anything.

is there a reset ? on these? 

i used it maybe three times to transmit in ten weeks. it only has a ninety day warranty .

and midland is hard to get in touch with so far.

thanks in advance.




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If you can only talk 200 ft, I would venture that you are talking off the driver only and that the final transistor is blown. The usual culprit is super high SWR, coupled with long key-downs. High SWR can be caused by a bad antenna, pinched coax, failure to properly install the coax connector on the radio, or transmitting without any antenna (load) attached.

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