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Baofang GM-15 Pro / Radioodity GM-30 programming problems.



I just bought two Baofang GM-15 Pro radios and have been trying to program at least one repeater channel and have not been able to do so. The manual leaves a lot to be desired on instructions which are poorly written.

There are features on these radios which are not covered in the manual such as DIY (?) channels. Or how to change the power out from Low to High Watts at the appropriate freqs.

I found out how to do this by chance.

When it comes into entering a new freq to program a reapeater Chanel there is no menu listed  in the menu for the input of a New Memory freq, "enter these two numbers in the menu " which is the only way to enter new data and the wrong menu pops up....worse yet you do get the correct menu item and enter lets say, the offset freq, and the radio says "denied "

Never have I seen instructions so poorly written for step by step input of data into a radio. I had three other friends try on a Zoom meeting to help program these radios and we as a group could not get the radios to accept all the data needed to program one reaper.

I ordered a programming cable with the correct chip in it and I'm hoping I can use these radios in the field soon.

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Well exactly what gortex2 said.  Anyhow you can't program in new repeater channels they are already there.  You just have to put in the subaudible tones (CTCSS) or digital (DCS) to which repeater pair using either the channels labeled RPT-# or the DIY-# and that's it.  With the CPS and cable you can change the channel tags to what you want.

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