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L3Harris XG-100M

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Trying to compile a list of parts necessary to build out an XG-100M. Nothing more at this point.

The Radio: XG100M

  • VHF low band 30-50 MHz
    • 9 miliwatts
      • Some agencies around DC suburbs still use VHF low
        • Shenandoah PD
        • Maryland state on the western handle of MD
        • couple of others
      • It CAN NOT transmit on the ham bands
        • Filters are to tight
  • VHF High 136-174 Wide/narrow
    • 5-50w
  • UHF  380-520 MHz Wide/narrow
    • 5-50w
  • UHF 700-800 MHz 
    • 2-30 w 700 MHz
    • 2-35 w 800 Mhz
  • P25 Conv., Trunked, 
  • 12.5/20/25  kHz spacing
  • Modulation
    • Phase 1 TX: C4FM, RX: C4FM & WCQPSK
    • Phase 2 TX: HCPM, RX: WCQPSK
  • DVRS (digital vehicle repeater) available for 700/800 Mhz only
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Page 21-30 contains a part list

Page 52-53 has a diagram that includes the part numbers to aid the search.

The radio body or complete system can be found on ebay ranging from $300 (brick) only to $1000-$3000 depending on the head style for a complete system.

I chose to buy the bricks and components separately. You can buy an older complete 7300m/5300m/75M for about $120-150. Double check the part numbers from those radios, to verify what parts carry over.

THE HEADS and Mounting Refer to page 18 of attached manual from first post for pictures of the styles.

CH721 Head- Avg about $60-80 on ebay.

  • Part# CU23218-004 (system head)
  • Part# CU23218-002 (scan head)
  • This part can be a carry over from a 7300, 5300, XG-75M
  • CH721 Head Remote Mounting Bracket
    • I opted for the  remote head bracket, which may be changed to the ram style home brew mount copying the Harris mountU Shaped bracket
    • Remote Head U bracket
      • Part# KT008608
      • Avg Price new on ebay $10 + shipping
    • CH721 Head Remote Pedestal Mount
      • Part# MACDOS0012
      • Would love to find one but haven't, probably will have to DIY something similar
    • CH721 Catalog numbers
      • Ch721 scan head remote # XMCP9E
        • console mount # XMCP9G
      • CH721 system head remote # XMCP9F
        • console mount # XMCP9H
      • Ch100  remote mount # XMCP9H
        • console mount # XMCP9Q

CH100 Touch screen, bluetooth head

  • Part# 120991200-01
  • Avg $1000-$2000 (new)
  • Highly sought after but crazy priced.
    • allows for bluetooth programming
    • allows for system/configuration changes that are unavailable on any of the other heads.,
  • CH100 Head Remote Mounting Bracket
  • Part# 12099-1500-01
  • Avg $60 new on ebay
  • CH100 Head Remote Pedestal Mount
    • Part# 12099-1501-01
    • not sure if you need the above as well as the CH721 Pedestal mount.
    • Refer to Fig 8-9 on page 59 to understand what I am saying.

Remote Brick Bracket

  • Part# KT23117
  • I chose to use part# fm103111v1
    • We will see if it works fine. Probably won't have the screws, but it is the part number that is included with the kit
    • I couldn't find the kit
    • AVG $18.99 for a beat up one

Console Install bracket

  • Part# KT101533V1
  • Avg $15-40

You can do multiple head setups. A pair of CH721s, a pair of CH100s. You can not mix and match a CH100, with a CH721 head on the same system. This is much like trying to use and 03 head with a 05 head on an XTL series Motorola radio.


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Wiring and Accessories

  • Canbus Terminator

Unlike the Motorola Canbus like on the XTL series and newer. The Harris radio wasn't self terminating. Think old fire ring/token ring networks where you had to terminate connections or the ring would fail. So we need a couple of terminators.

  • Original Part# CD-014027-0001
    • These were supplied with the radio when new. Most are long gone, or in a box somewhere in a radio shop.
  • Substitute Part# MACDOS0010
    • These were originally XG-75m, 7300m, and 5300m series radios
    • About $11 a piece
  • Generally, most radio setups will need 1-2, but if you add multiple heads then you may need several extras
  • Microphones
    • DTMF
      • MC-103334-040
      • MC-103334-041 Included with MAMW-NMC9C
    • Standard
      • MC-101616-040
      • MC-101616-041 Included with MAMW0NMC72
    • Noise cancelling
      • MC 103334-050 
      • MC 103334-051 Included with MAMW-NMCSD
    • Avg $20-100 depending on stock and condition
  • Speaker and cable
    • Speaker Cable
      • Part # 1000005812-0001-REVB
      • I plan on using my speaker from the XTL. The speaker cable is basically that 4 prong box connector that Motorola uses.
        • Originally part of the installation kit.
      • Avg $18-23
      • Again carry over from XG-75m, 7300m, and 5300m series radios. SEE A TREND YET?
    • Speaker If you have to have your speaker have Harris on it. 
      • Part# LS102824V10
      • Avg $20 new
      • Again carry over from XG-75m, 7300m, and 5300m series radios. SEE A TREND YET?
  • Canbus Cable
    • Part# ca-009562-030
    • Supplied with original installation kit
    • I am using a new/old stock Macom cable. Again carry over from XG-75m, 7300m, and 5300m series radios. SEE A TREND YET?
    •  Abg $25 ebay $98 new
  • Power Cable
  • Programming cable
    • It is a Rs232 9pin Straight serial cable. I opted for an FTDI usb to rs232
    • NO rib box necessary
    • Rs232 female on the head and back of the radio.
    • Avg $20-40
  • Antenna connectors
    • VHF HIgh, UHF and 7/800
      • TNC female on the radio brick.
      • So you will need a Male TNC to your chosen antenna connector.
    • VHF Low
      • BNC female on the radio brick
      • Again adapter if necessary.
    • GPS port... 
      • I am not utilizing the GPS
      • From my understanding the radio will provide NMEA formatted data.
        • this will be on several pins on the 44 pin serial port.


Reference photo of back of radio on page 18 Figure 3-2

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