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node to node not working can anyone test



Trying to connect node 20437 with node 20436, We both get connection failed when using 3XXXXX but it shows on the map we are connected. We get no error when we use 813XXXXX but no audio is transmitted and the connection line goes red.


I have connected my node 20437 to 169 with no issues on transmit or receive. 

Can anyone try to connect to our nodes and report results back here. It would be greatly appreciated. I am guessing its a port forwarding issue somewhere



Gil / WRAP438

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2 hours ago, gbechtel69 said:

Update for anyone with the same issue, apparently you cant connect to another node unless you are on the same LAN

That sounds more like a firewall problem. Especially since "LAN" normally refers to equipment on the same (inner) side of the Internet router (and which usually has IP addresses in the 192.168.x.x range, though some routers may use the 10.x.x.x block -- routers do NOT pass those IP addresses to the WAN [Internet]).

You need to use IP addresses issued by the ISP to get /to/ the router from the Internet side, and the router has to translate the traffic into the LAN IP address/port.

For my LAN, none of these addresses can be reached from outside...



Outside traffic has to connect to the "Broadband" IP address shown


Of course, the firewall blocks any ad-hoc connection coming in EXCEPT for one situation: "microdiversity" is an R-Pi running a rudimentary web-server -- and I had to configure the firewall to accept incoming port 80 connections and pass them to "microdiversity"! Also had to get a dynamic DNS service set up to translate a host name into whatever my currrent WAN IP address is (they are known to change at time when the ISP reconfigures).


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Your node needs to allow the connection to other nodes (meaning the node you are connecting to needs to allow your node to connect)

I just tested BOTH the nodes you mentioned and BOTH rejected my connection.   I will dig into it and see about the node connection setup and get back. 

Also, your firewall configuration needs to port forward port 4569 from the outside IP address to the internal IP address for the Raspberry Pi.


ONE other thing,,, you MIGHT consider hiding the external IP address for your router when posting pictures of your router configuration.



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On 5/23/2023 at 2:00 PM, rmarion said:

is there any update to this question ? I know you can whitelist or blacklist node from the asl-menu, is there more to it than that ?


Ok it looks like i have fixed it on my end, All I did was uncomment the bind address in iax.conf and add my internal IP address. I also modified port triggering for UDP 4569 on my router, now 363 can connect to me. We are still working on connecting to him.

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OK, thought more on this.  The nodes need two different UDP ports.  So right now they are assigned 4569 right?

Assign one to 4570 or something else and then try again.  Remember that you will need to configure your firewall for the second UDP port for passthru and if you are using  the remote SSH you will also need to change the passthru and port on the Pi to 223 or something other than 222.


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