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I was wondering if there are any instructions for the map?  If not I have a few questions about its use.

What are the different colored dots with numbers and what do the colors represent? Why are some larger than others?

Sometimes I see what appears live activity across the country and other times it is never there. How do I access this feature?

Is there a live audio feed to monitor for the map activity?

Is there anyway to get the Ads removed from bottom of map?

Those are my only concerns currently with the MAP.




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We can't do much about the ads, but the dots show a concentration of repeaters. The dot color corresponds to how many repeaters are in that area. As you zoom in, the dots get closer to blue and the number shinks, until you zoom in enough to see individual repeaters on the map.


Once you zoom in close enough and click on a single repeater, the green area highlights the forecasted coverage area.


I'm not sure about the other questions. 

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