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Replying to a Repeater access request is broken?


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So I have received several repeater access requests through MyGMRS.com, however I am unable to successfully reply to them. When I attempt to reply to the access request email, I immediately get back a delivery failure saying that the mailbox "notify@mygmrs.com" does not exist. Am I doing something wrong, or is the site misconfigured or having problems?

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The main Repeater listing site and the forum are not tied together except that they are both owned and operated by Rich D.   The Moderators at the Forum have no administrative access at the main site.


Please go to the main Repeater listing site and establish a "CONTACT" memo with Rich D.,  detailing your concerns and he will contact you direct. The "CONTACT"  button to reach Rich D.  is located to the right in the top navigation bar located here: 




Thank you.


MyGMRS Forum Staff

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The email notifications sent to you should include a "Reply-To" address, which is the email address of the person requesting access. Most email clients will automatically send the email to the right party.


Could you forward the email to me? I'd like to take a look at the email headers and see if they're being set properly in your case. Forward to rich@mygmrs.com.

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