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quicker way to get to channels


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I'm brand new to using my KG-935g Plus and am wondering if there is a faster way to select different channels than just using the arrow keys or turning the knobs.  When you press the menu key you can then press a two digit number to quickly go to the menu option you want.  I want to do this with channel selection.  If I'm on CH-16 and I want to go to, say, CH-107, do I really have to turn the knob or press the arrow keys until I get to CH-107?  This seems like a lot of wasted time and abuse on the keys and knob of the radio.

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I just came up with that off the top of my head while typing my question. I never actually typed that on the keypad.  I was doing it with two digit numbers like 16, or 22 and the radio wouldn't do anything.  Now I know that it would be 016 or 022.

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