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900 mhz radios and digital systems?



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22 minutes ago, WRZF693 said:

Anyone own the 900 mhz radios and digital radios I guess in this frequency range? Are they good? I see them advertised as licensee free from time to time.. I think it was the 900 mhz.. Just wondering if anyone has experience with them? 

I believe if you do a search on the forum here you'll find some threads on the topic. From what I've read, I don't own any BTW, people have had very good luck with the Motorola radios. These are "spread spectrum" frequency hopping radios and are only compatible with like/similar models from the manufacture when programmed with the same "hop set."

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I have great experiences with Motorola's DTRs.

We are a charter school and our biggest campus (2 story concrete castle with 59 classrooms / offices and full-size gym) had used the DTR410 out-of-the-box for many years. A few years ago, we upgraded to DTR600 organization wide (9 locations). 

It was my pleasure (I must have volunteered for this, to program the new radios.

We are running all radios on the same six channels (3 are private and only our radios will talk to each other / 3 are open in case we want to expand or integrate the old radios).

Audio is clear and crisp and I can talk to our big site from my veranda (2 1/2 miles line of sight).

The new Curve works well with the programmed set on the open channels (just the profile number added).

Happy and reliable frequency-hopping !!!


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The "license free" stuff is under the ISM (industrial scientific & medical) licensure and is restricted to 1W maximum. All devices must be type accepted, and may have other things like fixed antennas required.


For amateur radio 902-928, same band, but you can do much more stuff. I have some Motorola 900MHz radios I use on amateur that do analog and P25. HT is typically around 3W and mobiles are 30W.


Like UHF, 900 is extremely line of site. 

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